Cragar Wheels

Cragar Wheels

Cragar Wheels

Cragar Wheels are built for the true automotive enthusiast that demands authentic looks and performance of timeless classic mag wheels. The Cragar S/S is known as the original muscle car wheel and is one of the most popular custom wheel styles ever designed. Cragar Wheels are an excellent choice for restored classics, muscle cars and hot rods as well as for today’s modern muscle machines. For the best deals on Cragar custom wheels, call 714-892-2210.

Cragar Wheels 701 Chrome

Cragar 701 Chrome

Cragar Wheels 620 Matte Machined

Cragar 620 Matte Machined

Cragar Wheels 620 Matte Black

Cragar 620 Matte Black

Cragar Wheels 617 Black

Cragar 617 Black

Cragar 615 Matte

Cragar 615 Matte

Cragar Wheels 614 SSChrome

Cragar 614 S/S Chrome

Cragar Wheels 610 Chrome

Cragar 610 S/S Chrome

Cragar Wheels 32 Keystone Klassic Chrome and Black

Cragar 32 Keystone Klassic

Cragar Wheels Series 61G S/S Direct Drilled

Cragar Series 61G S/S Direct Drilled

Cragar Wheels Series 61C S/S 6-Spoke

Cragar Series 61C S/S 6-Spoke

Cragar Wheels Series 0861 S/S Super Sport

Cragar Series 0861 S/S Super Sport

Classic Authentic Custom Wheels

Cragar Wheels are classic. Available for todays’ muscle machines as well as for early muscle cars, hot rods and roadsters, Cragar is a traditional custom wheel brand name in the aftermarket industry. Their very popular unique 5-spoke design has held the tradition of being some of the most sought after custom wheels for the longest time.

Cragar Wheels Black

Cragar offers a variety of black custom wheels for most modern muscle vehicles including Series 615BMBC Modern Muscle and Series 617B Modern Muscle. Be sure to check out our unique selection of Cragar Wheels Black for your modern muscle machine today.

Cragar S/S

Authentic Cragar S/S wheels are multi-piece composite wheels consisting of a solid chrome plated aluminum center welded into a chrome steel barrel. This strong and dependable wheel design can be ordered for a variety of offsets and applicatiions to create a nostalgic look for many classic hot rods and muscle cars.

Cragar Custom Wheel and Tire Packages

Looking for a Cragar complete wheel and tire package for your for your vintage hot rod, muscle car, truck or SUV? We offer a variety of performance tires and can install or ship new rims and tires direct to you for easy installation. Give us a call today and say: I want Cragar Custom Wheels for my ride.

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