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OE Performance Wheels

Off-Road Monster Wheels

Pacer Wheels

Petrol wheels

Platinum Wheels

Primax Wheels 

Pro Comp Wheels

Raceline Wheels

RBP Rolling Big Power

RDR Off-Road Wheels

Ridler Racing Wheels

Rotiform Wheels

RTR Wheels

Rucci Wheels

Savini Wheels

Scarlet Wheels

SenDel Wheels

Shift Wheels

SOTA Offroad Wheels.

Strada Wheels

TIS Wheels

TWS Alloy Wheels

Ultra Motorsports

Velocity Wheels

Venomrex Wheels

Vision Wheels

Walker Evans Racing

Weld Wheels

White Diamond Wheels

Worx Alloy Wheels

XD Series Wheels

XO Luxury Wheels

XXR Wheels

Zenetti Wheels


More custom wheels Arriving Soon

Custom Wheels are one of the easiest and affordable ways to upgrade your vehicles appearance and performance. Our desire is for you to be able to find the perfect look and the best deal on a new set of custom rims for your vehicle. Please contact us if you have any fitment questions on any of our products.

Custom Wheel Accessories for your New Wheels

In most cases, your original equipment lug nuts and wheel locks will not work on your new aftermarket custom wheels. Be sure to inquire about our custom wheel lug nuts, wheel locks and hub-centric rings when placing your order.

Care and Maintenance for your New Wheels

Keep your new wheels clean and avoid harsh build-up that can damage the finish. Use the proper cleaning products and tools when cleaning your new rims so not to void the warranty. Use a good Wheel Wax to protect the finish of chrome wheels.

Are you a ‘custom wheels addict’? Get help fast by calling our custom wheels help hot-line: 714-892-2210 and say: ‘I Want Custom Wheels.’


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Gima GMC Custom Wheels

Gima GMC Custom Wheels