DUB Wheels

DUB Wheels and DUB Rims

DUB Wheels are some of the most popular custom wheels available. Creating some of the most innovative styles and finishes, DUB One Piece custom alloy wheels are manufactured in the sizes you want for the vehicles you drive. DUB Rims are available in large diameters for the automotive enthusiast that is not afraid to roll large. From clean to exciting and back again, DUB wheels have pushed the envelope and is a true dominator in the aftermarket custom wheels industry.

Dub Wheels Lit S210 Chrome

Dub Lit S210 Chrome Wheels

Dub Wheels Del Grande S230 Gloss Black Milled

Dub Del Grande
Gloss Black Milled

Dub Wheels Del Grande S229 Chrome

Dub Del Grande
Chrome Wheels

Dub Wheels Butta S224 Chrome

Dub Butta S224
Chrome Wheels

Dub Wheels Butta S225 Brushed Face Gloss Black

Dub Butta S225
Brushed Face

Dub Wheels Big Baller S222 Chrome

Dub Big Baller Chrome Wheels

Dub Wheels Baller S216 Gloss Black

Dub Baller S216 Gloss Black

Dub Wheels Baller S218 Brushed Silver

Dub Baller S218 Brushed Silver

Dub Wheels Baller S217 Brushed Face Black

Dub Baller S217 Brushed Face

Dub Wheels Baller 6 S233 Gloss Black Milled

Dub Baller 6
Gloss Black Milled

Dub Wheels Baller 6 S232 Chrome

Dub Baller 6 Chrome Wheels

Dub Wheels Attack 5 S215 Black Brushed

Dub Attack 5 Black Brushed

Dub Wheels Stacks S227 Gloss Black Milled

Dub Stacks S227
Gloss Black Milled

Dub Wheels Luxe S205 Gloss Black

Dub Luxe S205 Gloss Black Wheels

Dub Wheels Luxe S206 Brushed Gloss Black

Dub Luxe S206 Brushed Black

Dub Wheels Lit S215 Gloss Black with Brushed Face

Dub Lit S215 Black Machined

Sizes range from 20″ to 30″. Call us now to see what DUBs we have for your ride. 1 714 892 2210

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Dub Wheel and Tire Packages

We offer complete wheel and tire packages with a wide variety of economy and name brand tires to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff can create the perfect set-up for your vehicle including proper lug nuts, lug bolts, wheel locks and programmed tire pressure sensors. Give us a call and we will assemble the best choice custom wheel and tire package for your ride. 714-892-2210

Dub Spinning Wheels

Put a new spin on your ride. Check out our selection for Dub Spinning Wheels.